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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Whether you are the pedestrain or the one driving a vehicle, pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance. Throughout Spokane County citizen's are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits and risks associated with pedestrian safety.

Walk on sidewalks - if sidewalks are not available, walk on the edge of the road or on the left shoulder of the road, facing the traffic flow.

Cross at marked crosswalks or intersections - Pedestrians are most often hit by cars when they cross the road at places other than intersections.

Look left, right, and then left for traffic - Stop at the curb and look left, right, and left again for traffic. Stopping at the curb signals drivers that you intend to cross. Always obey traffic signals.

See and be seen - Drivers need to see you to avoid you.

  • Stay out of the driver's blind spot.

  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing busy streets.

  • Wear bright colors or reflective clothing if you are walking near traffic at night

  • Carry a flashlight when walking in the dark

  • In bad weather, take care that your umbrella or raincoat does not prevent approaching vehicles from seeing you or you seeing them